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Brewery will be closed from 20th December 2017 to 2nd January 2018. We will be accepting orders in this time. Please ring Katie on 07868345228.



Brews we have had available in cask and bottles in the past. They are not imminent on our brew schedule but that doesn't mean you won't see them again!

IPA 6.1%  

Brewed and dry hopped with American hops - this one has to be tried! Although a higher ABV, it is easy drinking and full of flavour.


Bitter 4.3%

Brewed with British hops and a great balance of malty biscuit with fruity hops.


Summer 4.5% 

First of our single hop pale series. Summer is an Australian variety of hop with fruity apricot and melon flavours.


Räucher 4.2%

A cross between a tradition British brown ale and a smoked German classic. Smoked malt was used to give this brew a gently smoked flavour.

"Smells like Frazzle crisps!" - Imogen Bennett


Farbauti 3.8%

Brewed in collaboration with Tony, Aimie and the Daves, Farbauti (Far-bo-tee) is a dark but hoppy brew. Described as a "fruity porter" on several occasions.

Available in cask.


Chinook 4.5%

Second in our single hop pale series. Chinook is an American hop with floral, spicy flavours.

Available in cask.


Itza 4.8% 

A collaboration brew with the Fox & Newt (Burley Street, Leeds) and Christine Jopling who designed our logo and this fab pumpclip! A rich dark chocolate stout brewed with Cacao and baked oranges. Think Green & Blacks rather than Terry's!